Neofit Bozveli

Неофит БозвелиArchimandrite Neofit Hilendarski Bozveli is one of the organizers of the fight against the Greek clergy, the struggle for church independence and the independent Bulgarian church. He unites the Bulgarian community in Constantinople and insists on the construction of a Bulgarian church there, which will become a cultural center and a leading center of the Bulgarian spiritual life.

Neofit Bozveli is a Revival Enlightener, a zealous propagator of secular education and a leader for the opening of Bulgarian schools and Bulgarian teachers to teach in them. He says that the baby's brain is like a white paper and what you write on it, it remains. Together with Emanuil Vaskidovich in 1835, they published the "Slavic Childhood for little children", which is a kind of encyclopedia in six parts. It is one of the first and most popular textbooks in the Renaissance. Neofit Bozveli writes four books, his most significant work being "Plach bednaia Mati Bolgrarii''.

Because of his struggle against the Greek clergy he was twice exiled in the monasteries of Mount Athos where he died.