Georgi Kandilarov

Георги КандиларовThe teacher and enlightener G. Kandilarov, after completing the third grade school, becomes a teacher in his hometown. Teacher's years are closely related to the local community culture center "Saglasie-Napredak". He is one of the first and active members of the centre. When in 1871 for the first time in front of Kotelntsi was presented the six-stage theater production "Mnogostradalna Genoveva", Kandilarov played the role of Genoveva. This role fits in because he has "white and gentle face". This event is crowned by the people of Kotel with a song: "Graf became Petar Ognianov (father of the great Bulgarian artist Sava Ognianov), / Countess - Nikola Mirski (brother of the grandfather of Prof. Krustyu Mirski) / Gotcho Stoyanov Pangyaka (Georgi Kandilarov) white and pink / he is a woman of the stature, of Genoveva, a long-suffering one. / Nikola Tinyu, Vizir.

Several years later he graduated from a seminary in Odessa and the Spiritual Academy in Kiev. Kandilarov is one of the founders of the Thessaloniki Male Bulgarian High School and its manager. At the same time, he is the governor of the Girls' Secondary School and the primary schools in Thessaloniki, then in Bitola, Skopje and Siar. From 1892 to 1925 he was a teacher at the spiritual school in Lyaskovets, at the spiritual seminary in Constantinople and its rector. Director and teacher was later in the Sofia and Plovdiv spiritual seminars.

His endeavors in the area of education he puts on the pages of the "Macedonian Review" magazine. He leaves 35 schools open by him.