Boris Stefanov Mateev

Boris Stefanov Mateev (1883 - 1969) - politician and revolutionary, member of the The Dobrudzha Revolutionary Organization

B. Stefanov is a descendant of an old revolutionary family. It is located in Dobrudzha. Together with the socialist ideas, after the Bucharest Peace Treaty in 1913, he became a member of the Romanian Social Democratic Workers' Party and after one year was elected as a member of its Supreme Council. In 1920, he was a member of the Romanian Parliament, but the same year, the Romanian government withdrew his immunity and he was imprisoned.

Several years later, B. Stefanov was elected member of the Communist Party of Romania and then secretary of the Communist Party. As illegal he was captured and lying in prisons "Zilava", "Doftana" and others. There is a broad campaign in Europe for his release. At the 7th Congress of the Comintern, he was elected a member of the Executive Committee of the Communist International. After 09.09.1944 he returned to Bulgaria. Here he is elected as a Member of Parliament, occupies various public and cultural positions.