Atanas Petrov

Major General Atanas Petrov Petrov (1865 - unknown) is a Bulgarian soldier born on April 7, 1865. The devastating fire in Kotel in 1894 destroys the archives and there is no information about his ancestry. Determined to go to military field Atanas Petrov began his military career on October 8, 1886. He graduated from the Military School with an eighth grade, known as the Regent's, in 1887, and was produced as a lieutenant. He was distributed to the 11th Infantry Regiment of Sliven and in 1898 was the regimental commander of the regiment. He takes part in the Balkan and Allied War as commander of the 2nd Brigade of the 10th Infantry Division of the Aegean.

During the First World War, he was assistant commander of the 35th Infantry Regiment of Vratsa. The regiment fought with Negotin, Aleksinac, Lebane, Prokuple. And in 1916 he fought on the Dobrudja front in the battles for Dobrich, to master the Kubadin position in the battles at Enges. And in 1917 it was at Lake Ohrid and Prespan.

As a colonel, Atanas Petrov is commander of the 2nd coastal defense of the Aegean and commander of the 4th infantry preslav division.

He went to the reserve in 1918, and in 1935, with the Royal Order of the Military Ministry, he was promoted to the rank of reserve Major General.

For his service and for his participation in the wars he was awarded the orders: "For bravery" III degree, 2nd grade and "St. Alexandar" IV degree with swords in the middle.

In 1939 Atanas Petrov gave 264,000 leva to the Ministry of Enlightenment for the creation of a fund in his name and the name of his late wife, Maria. By order of the ministry, it was founded on January 29, 1939. Its interest rates were to support poor children, including his family. But they should be interested in studying, gifted, promising to be useful citizens of their Fatherland". His will is to grant scholarships to children born in Kotel, who are studying at the high school in Kotel until the completion of their higher education at the Sofia University. The payment of the scholarships starts in 1941, beginning at the amount of 500 leva and from 1945 by 1000 levs per month. By January 1, 1948, the Fund had a total of BGN 468,000, but the same year it was liquidated with the merger of the "Protesters and Donors" Fund into the state budget.