Atanas Bogoridi

Atanas Bogoridi is the grandson of Sofronii Vrachanski of his son Tsonko, born in 1788, and is a younger brother of Prince Stefan Bogoridi. At first he studied in Arbanassi and then continued his education in Bucharest, in the famous Academy "St. Sava ". After completing his secondary education, he is a teacher there for 7 years (1805-1811). Here he creates a Greek-Dacian society that supports the publication of ''Logios Ermis'' Magazine.

Bishop Sofronii leaves unforgettable memories to his grandchildren, especially when he goes to them in Bucharest. His influence on Stefan and Atanas is also spoken by Gavrail Krustevich. "These 20-22 year-old boys were studying at the high school with great diligence." Undoubtedly, Sophronii also has a moral influence on his grandchildren. Moreover, he is recognized as a Bulgarian representative to the outside world.

After the Bucharest period At. Bogoridi goes to Vienna to study medicine. In 1816, he defended a Doctorate in Würzburg on "Observations on Milling in the Human Body". This is the first Bulgarian graduate with a doctoral degree. He works as a doctor in Vienna and Paris.

The Greek environment in which he falls determines his sympathy and his struggle in the Greek liberation movement against foreign domination. The accompanying letter to the Greeks' appeal to America for help was signed by four of them, including At. Bogoridi.

He feels and remains a Bulgarian. This is witnessed by Moshopulos: "Atanas Bogoridi is one of the greatest Bulgarian writers and patriots of the early 19th century who collaborated with the Greek magazine ''Logios Hermes'' published in Vienna. In Paris prints pedagogical works in the ''Melissa'' Magazine. Rakovsky is proud of Bogoridi's achievements and writes in a letter to Granitski: "What honor did the scholars of Paris have at that time, and what a good reason to do, any inquisitive Bulgarian can be told by a Greek periodical magazine, Greeks wrote and published in Paris. "

At. Bogoridi died young, single in 1826 in Paris.