Парк “Изворите”

In the beautiful park called "Springs", the trees rise majestically and tell the legend of the appearance of the three springs whose waters were rolling like a cauldron:

"Three girls came out of Kotleshnitsa's wild waters. Tall as poplars. One - black as a mature cherry and with lips like leeches. Her hair - like a mare's ruff, they swing to the left or right. The other - white, with silver hair. Seeing it once, as if he were seeing a spirit, as transparent and beautiful as a echoing song. The third - like pure melted gold. And her hair, her eyes and her feet. Leaving sunlight everywhere she steps. Russa, Rada, Jovka. The daughters of that tireless blacksmith who, in one of the caves, forged on his anvil, to arm small and big for the battle with the terrible dragon who took every year the most beautiful girl. There was a time when they voluntarily gave girls to it, it was pointless to resist. But when the three pretty maidens came, people were ready for the battle. Early in the morning, the fiery crest of the dragon poured a melted resin around the cave. They waved forged swords, the blacksmith fought with them but in vain. The dragon grabbed the girls, light as feathers, and carried them, and the men followed. The three girls were crying, and where the dragon passed their tears flowed like streams. By these streams of clear and pure tears, people ran after the dragon and waved their swords, but they could not defeat the dragon. He put the maidens on the ground and something crackled beneath them. They disappeared suddenly. Holes appeared and springs out of them sprang up. "