Veliko Petrov Gochev

Veliko Petrov Gochev (1867 - 1948) - famous Bulgarian teacher, author of textbooks

Born June 21, 1867. In 1893 he graduated Natural History at the Higher School in Sofia. He is a teacher in Kotel, Dobrich, Vidin, Sofia, Lovech. 1907 is a professor of zoology at the Higher School.

Since 1908 he has been teaching at the Male High School in Varna. He is district school inspector in Pazardzhik, Bitola and Varna. He is the author of textbooks on biology, zoology, physical geography, hygiene, anthropology, etc .; issues geographic maps for secondary schools. He advocates broad education for the people and the professional interests of teachers.

In Vidin V. P. Gochev together with A. Strashimirov edited the magazine "Prag". He translates from English and writes articles for the elementary school teachers' journal - "Pedagogical Practice", "Morski sgovor" Magazine, "Varnenski Korenjak" newspaper on various issues not only of education.

He is in the leadership of the Varna Archaeological Society and his chairman after the death of K. Shkorpil.

He is married to the czech girl Elena Boouchkova and they have three children.

He is the winner of the Orders: "St. Alexander IVth degree"(the citizen are rewarded by the personal favor of the Monarch)," For Civil Merit "- 1st and 3rd (awarded for great merit to the society).

V. P. Gochev died in Varna on 19.02.1948.