Vasil Kiselkov

Васил КиселковDr. Vasil Kiselkov (1887 - 1973) - a Slavist, literary, literary critic and translator

Born November 17, 1887 in Kotel. He studied in his hometown, and a high school graduated in Varna. There follows Slavic philology and literature in Sofia. Doctoral degree received in Zagreb in 1914. Teaching in Shumen, Sliven, Kotel, Karnobat, Yambol. He specializes in Slavicism in Vienna. After returning to Bulgaria, he became a teacher at the Sofia Seminar where he worked until his retirement. Throughout his life he is a researcher of our history and mainly of the Old Bulgarian literature.

His most significant contribution to the study of our Renaissance literature is the monograph "Sofronii Vrachanski". Kiselkov is an expert in the Old Bulgarian language, translates to new Bulgarian the stories of Cyril and Methodius, the talk of Presbyter Kozma, the Life of Ivan Rilski and others.

His researches has been collected in 141 papers. He has twice been awarded the Cyril and Methodius Order - Іst degree.

Dr. Vasil Kiselkov ended his earth path in Sofia on April 10, 1973.