Boncho Nenkov Boev

Prof. Boncho Nenkov Boev (1859 - 1934) - lawyer and economist, born on 3 March 1859. He graduated from the Kotel and Aprilov High Schools. He continued his education at the spiritual academies in Odessa and Moscow, and graduated from the Moscow University. In Germany he specializes in political economy, financial sciences and statistics.

B. Boev teaches at the Higher School in Sofia - today's Sofia University. In the academic year 1903-1904 he was the rector of the university. Professor in Financial Science and Statistics and holds leading positions at the Ministry of Finance, Dopisen (1898) and an actual member (1900) of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute (BAS).

Prof. Boev is one of the founders and chairman of the Bulgarian Economic Society, he is the Governor of the BNB and other banking institutes. His name is related to the bankruptcy of ''Girdap'' Bank and when the circle around it loses its political protections, B. Boev is interned in Berkovitsa, spent eight months in jail, after which he is pronounced innocent.

Professor B. Boev is one of the donors of the Sofia University. In 1919 he donated 5,000 leva for the creation of a fund, "to be run by the teachers of political economy, financial sciences and statistics at the Faculty of Law." Interest rates from the fund are given as a "premium to a student who writes the best studio in the field of the Bulgarian economy". The fund became operational in 1922, but although the capital increased and in 1925 it was 6433 leva and in 1949 - 15 294 leva, there was no evidence that a premium was paid from it. In 1952 the fund went into the state budget.

When the carpenter's school in his hometown was moved to Sliven, and the Kotel municipality immediately found a state carpenter-barrel school on 15.09.1926, it faced a number of difficulties - no building, tools and teachers. Prof. Boev donates funds to build the workshop for the new school.

Prof. B. Boev died on 01.12.1934 in Sofia.