History Museum

It consists of exhibitions in the town of Kotel, and the villages Zheravna and Medven - emblematic signs for the Bulgarian history.


Exposition "Kotel Renaissance" with Pantheon by Georgi Stoykov Rakovski

In thematic halls the exhibition reflects the history of Kotel during the Renaissance and the life and activity of famous Renaissance figures born in Kotel - Bishop Sofronii Vrachanski, Archimandrite Neophyte Hilendar Bozveli, Dr. Peter Beron, Captain Georgi Mamarchev, Georgi Stoykov Rakovski and others.

Through the rebuilding of a mutual school / penitentiary department for punishments, sand dunes, divas and panakis, rewarding and penal cavalries /, the atmosphere of the educational process from the first half of the 19th century was recreated. In the memorial pantheon part are laid the remains of Georgi Rakovski.

Selected from the collection: personal belongings and books by Sofronii Vrachanski (original and copies) - the first copy of Paisii's "History Slavianobolgarskaya" by poet Stoyko Vladislavov - Sofronii Vrachanski (1765), the first printed book in the new Bulgarian literature Nedelnik ./, the first editions of the Fish Rifle / 1824, 1847, 1850 / by Dr. P. Beron, the embalmed heart of Dr. Peter Beron, the first Bulgarian magazine "Ljuboslovie", a collection of Haidouk arms and weapons from the Liberation War , icons from the 19th century and icon of "St. Sofronii Vrachanski ", the poem" Gorski Patnik ", the newspaper" Dunavski lebed ", the magazine" Balgarska Starina "and other first editions of Georgi Rakovski, as well as his bone remains.

In the lobby of the exposition there are annually organized own and visiting exhibitions of museums from the country.

Exposition "Kotel Renaissance lifestyle"

It is located in the Galata district - in the house of Kyorpeeva - impressing with its interior layout Renaissance architectural pattern from 1872. In an authentic environment is recreated the atmosphere in which the Kotel family in the 19th century were living.

Selected from the collections: hand-woven rugs from the 19th century, handicraft tools, Kotel costumes, horizontal weaving loom, kitchen furniture, unique handmade home mill, homemade well, English porcelain craft from the 19th century, Austrian stoves, iconostasis, church icon from Jerusalem, icons.

Exposition "Ancient Carpets and Fabrics"

It was exhibited at the Galatan School, built in 1869, following the overall development of the weaving of the famous Kotel carpets - from the carpet rug through the classical Kotel carpet to the modern patterns of woven tapestries.

Selected from the collections: original Kotel carpets from the 17th and 19th centuries, woven tapestries of biblical and historical themes by the masters Stoyanka Mileva and Petranka Chehlarova.


Exposition "History of Zheravna"

It is located in the home of the Bulgarian Revival enlightener Sava Filaretov. It keeps materials about the history of Zheravna and the activities of the famous Zheravents Rajno Popovich, Vasil D. Stoyanov, Todor Ikonomov and others. Architecture - a typical model of a wooden oak house of the "Zheravna Kamchia" type, is authentic. The interior decoration of the house is most representative - a fine Renaissance carving with lime, laid in different plots in the colonnade, the doors and the ceiling of the house. Of great interest is the home chapel, wood-carving of the house and the cabinet.

Exposition "Zheravna's Life and Culture during the Renaissance"

It is exposed in the house of Rusi Chorbadji, built in the 18th century. A striking pattern of the Revival house of Zheravna. A monument of culture of national importance, unique with the grace of the carved iconostases, shelves, columns and other elements of the home. The closed shed leads to the living room, the lodgings and the owner's office. Interesting is the internal connection between the cabinet and the coffee tray. In the closed shed, the 19th-century photo-books and objects of the life of the people of Zheravna are exposed in an original way, and through an internal staircase the visitor reaches the shop, where various woven carpets, rugs and towels are presented. The courtyard shines with the flowers around the well with a stone wall next to it.

Yordan Yovkov Exposition

The low single-landed house of Golyamo Bardo is the home of the writer Yordan Yovkov.

The renewed exposition represents the writer's deep connection with his native Zheravna, from which the fascinating "Stara Planina Legends" were born. The unique approach to exposure presents these places of Zheravna, which have been reflected in the Legends and creates an immediate association with the work of the Intellectual - the Book. The attractiveness of exposure is also achieved by the reconstruction of the first meeting between Yovkov's characters Radha and Shibil. Another focus of the exhibition is the collection of works by the writer and his pen, which is the legend.

Exposition "Applied and Fine Art" - Art Gallery "Zheravna"

It is located in the building of the school, built in 1867. The fund of the country's first rural gallery is made up of 400 works by Bulgarian and foreign artists such as Mihalis Garudis, Radi Nedelchev, Lika Yako, Chernigov Hristo Todorov, Marin Podmolov, Rusi Kurtlakov and others. Annually, guest exhibitions of our artists are organized. The Art Gallery provides its halls for exhibitions of museums, pupils, conferences, concerts, book presentations and more.

Exposition "History of the village of Medven. Zahari Stoyanov in the History and Culture of the Bulgarians "

It is located in Medven in the father's house of the ideologist, organizer and head of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 1885, the chronicler and public figure Stoyanov. The life and history of the village of Medven is presented, shepherd's clothing and accessories are exhibited, a karakulak knive belonged to the shepherd Ivan Todorov - slaughtered by the Turks in the middle of the 19th century. The life of Zahari Stoyanov was traced; exposed his personal suitcase, accompanied him in prisons, towns and villages during his life full of vicissitudes; his suit and a copy of his personal stamp.


History Museum - Kotel announces its own traveling exhibitions in agreement with other museums or cultural institutions from the country and abroad:

Art Exposition

"Dances from the past" - presents traditional clothing of different ethnic groups from the Kotel region - Bulgarians, Karakachans, Turks and Roma, attractively arranged.

"Luminous Bulgarian" - the development of the educational work in Kotel is traced with originals and copies of documents and photos that have a bright impact on the visitors.

"Petar Mateev 1850 - 1943" - the life of this almost unknown public figure, journalist, associate of many European and Bulgarian publications, with the originals, copies of documents and pictures, and the objects; the first Bulgarian, who in 1876 under the name of Matthew accompanied the English archaeologist George Smith in his expedition to Nineveh,

"Georgi Rakovski - a complete and complete personality of the Bulgarian National Revival" - a mobile exhibition that tracks the life and work of the ideologist of the Bulgarian National Liberation Movement.

"Saint Sofronius, Bishop Vrachanski 1739 - 1813. Once upon a Beginning" - mobile exhibition


Musical program - "Kotel Folklore" by professional musicians - instrumentalists and singers, with prior request. Galatan School

Weaving a Kotel carpet. Galatan School

The History Museum offers guided tours in Bulgarian, German, English and Russian; brochures, leaflets, cards, books.


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+359 (0) 453/42315 - "Kotel National Revival"

Zheravna: +359 (0) 4585/2391, +359 (0) 876002431 - Exposition ''History of Zheravna''
+359 (0) 4585/2202 - Exposition "Applied and Fine Art"
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Medven: +359 (0) 876002428 - Exposition "History of the village of Medven. Zahari Stoyanov in the History and Culture of the Bulgarians "
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